Posted 01/01/70 05:01 AM | LIFE

It’s been a while I wrote something on this blog. I've been experimenting with a lot of things be it with work or even within me, I am trying to work on myself more this year. One constant doubt that I had within myself is that I didn't know where my path is leading to. I know it's going to take time to realize that but whomever whose going to be around you are not going to stop pressuring you and that is going to eat you up, ( Like 99.9%). if that's not your case then I am very jealous but at the same time really happy.

Let's be honest, even grown-up wouldn’t know all these things, there are equally confused with their lives but at sometimes they just like to be the adult and try and enforce with things that you don't wanna listen to.
More than 4 walls confounding and cramming your thoughts, I believe it’s going to be people and their thoughts crowding and suffocating your brain. 

Take your time because time will lead us to things no matter how fast we wanna go. Most of the times so-called grown-ups know that but all those thought investments might crowd you and you have to find your time, keep your cool and relax.

Take a trip, give yourself a little ‘ ME TIME', Pamper yourself and let the thoughts fall into place at the right time and all we need to do right now is to find a way to chill. For me it’s watching a movie or binge-watching ” Zoella vlogs” with a cup of juice 😂 ( being not so super classy ) but yeah pour yourself your favorite drink, trust me it’s super fun.


Just remember to not to lose your cool because your awesome and everyone gets confused at times, so what? we’ll all get through it.
All problems get magnified as we grow older but you just have to be proud sometimes and honest with yourself. Be proud of yourself because I am. I am clueless and I’m very cool about it.
P.S – Being 20 is tough guys 😂