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To a woman for whom I dedicated my very first ever poem that I wrote and got recognized . A woman who grounded me by cutting off internet hours and gave me pen and paper to write whatever ever I could think off during those times. A woman who had a better fashion sense. A woman who is more open and close to things that we think that they won’t know. A woman who is okay looking at things differently. A woman who stood up next to me when I took some serious decisions in life. A woman who is happy and considerably lazy as I am. A woman who picks up my outfits and is very much capable of pulling out a better outfit that I could possibly think off . A woman who can cook really well when she puts her heart to it, I will never admit that this woman does make bad food , because that statement could never be true. A woman who has a supportive theory for the haircuts I pick. A woman who is more generous even when refused. By this time there is no special credits to be given to be told , that, this is my mom. My mom shares equal love to movies and spirituality. 

Mother,  I got recognized by others for a poem because I wrote about you . Now I write this to give recognition to you because without you I don’t think I would have had that confidence that I can also write. Thank you. 

Thanks to all the moms out there who bend and mould their child by just tuning them in a right  way and to all the woman out there who is now brave enough to face the world.