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So this journey starts off at 2.20 am and approximately we reach there at 4.30 -ish I guess , I’m technically not going for a vacation but to attend my cousin’s marriage and I should admit me and the cute boy kept on looking at each other but he is nowhere near my seat, and I’m with my parents and fellow cousin’s which is a sometimes not a perk I swear. They keep on gawking at you and especially when 14-year-olds act like 18 and someone who is actually 19 like me write diaries.The journey was quite the wait but we’ve been served with snacks, Snacks? Yes! We reached Kolkata by 4, took off to a place to rest and it’s called BMS , it’s abbreviated as Baptise Missionary society. It’s more or less  like a dorm and it’s cool to stay in, especially when u travel with a lot of friends, the place accommodates a lot of people and it has very nice view, so we went to couple of places in Kolkata , we went to the Hogg Market or the new market and then boating near the Ganga banks. Both of them are places you would have to see. We went to the Kali mandir the next day, it was pretty good and we weren’t supposed to take pictures inside the Mandir but it was a  very good experience to walk in and just look around. If Ur superstitious you would love it but it’s not my cup of chai. Speaking of chai they serve the best chai that too in matka ( mud pots). If you are in Kolkata, one thing you shouldn’t miss is the sweets that to at Baloram , it’s is oldest sweet shop *with a catchy music* but seriously they have the best sweets over there. The reason for our visit to Kolkata is to go to Noamundi, Jharkand for my cousin’s wedding so we packed our bags on 24th morning and started our journey to Noamundi, to the calmest place, where you can relax your bones. Take a long walk and just experience the hospitality this place can give. 

Kolkata can be messy but it carries our pride in a very captivating way, it makes us talk about it 

Noamundi, it is a small community which lives there. The place is calm and it’s more like an IIT Campus , it is when I’m  aesthetically speaking about it but it is that one place where I loved the way the way that entire community took care of us. Most friendly and we had the best time there.

The above picture is the place we stayed in Noamundi

What Ur looking over the top is picture of Our stay at the BMS ( I know I’m messy)

The above picture this cool building opposite to the new market and last but not least let’s not forget Chai