you're a beautiful thing

Posted 01/01/70 05:01 AM | LIFE

the process of finding yourself is hectic, crucial but blissful and mechanical
Most of the time I associate myself with a bad rock, ( no bumps) meaningless emotions and feelings.
But I realize that I found myself, I discovered who was I through the hard way. I had phases in life I tried to get , there was a time where I wouldnt know how to react to people, I Still struggle with that, I do not know how to console or how to tell a person ” it’s gonna be okay, ur gonna pass through this", I was guided the best way or I just consider that to be the best way, I found myself when I was 12 , I didnt wana hang out with certain kind of people, At 16 I went through a phase , a quite peculiar one to be specific and now I’m completely a different person from who I was when I was 16. But I made all those decisions and until today I'm proud that I was the one who rolled that dice
Iam happy being alone, I can handle things a bit weirdly and to help me focus and concentrate, I chose art.

For most people art is something new, it could mean DIFFERENT things to different people. I chose art to teach me, to nourish, to bring out who I was deep inside
All my artworks are peculiar, peculiar to me, I just draw once, I don’t go back and make changes, I don’t erase , not the strokes nor the lines , art for me works that way

I found my passion for reading books in an unfamiliar way. when I went to that non-fiction side or corner, I feel excited or say more curious to see what could be it , I like history and revolution

I just believed in few things and I never questioned it even when it went wrong
So say yes I can , yes I can – one day who knows you might find yourself and that feeling is priceless and remember, your a beautiful thing 😊let’s make the world beautiful,

Beautiful together 🎈